Wireless computer technology - Luton and Dunstable

Wireless is amazingly flexible and can be one of the most useful technologies you'll ever employ to get the best from your computing.

If you've ever sat in the shade at the bottom of your garden on a sunny day and sent your e-mails, you’ll know what we mean! Curling up on the settee with your laptop on a chat program is incredibly comfortable and relaxing.

If you have family battles about whose turn it is on the internet, then wireless technology can be the route to an easier life.

We know it can be confusing with terms like 802.11b, 802.11g n standard etc. We’ll help you select the best equipment and install it for you.

Wireless requirements do vary as does the layout of homes which can have an impact on signal strength. If we can’t get your wireless network running for you and we are supplying the equipment, we’ll take it away and won't charge you a penny!

We charge £150 (with one wireless PC) + £40 per additional PC to set-up your home or small office wireless network plus another £15 if you have an adsl (through the phone line) internet service. That price includes all the equipment necessary. If you already have wireless adapters then reduce the price by £20 per PC. It couldn't be easier or better value than that!