Computer viruses

Virus & Trojan removal - Luton computer repairs.

PC started misbehaving? Think you may have a Virus or Trojan?

We will visit, remove the Virus and give priority to maintaining your data. At the same time we will check for any Trojans that may have infiltrated your computer. We can advise you regarding best anti-virus software and if necessary set it up for you. We are often able to recommend much lower cost security software that does the same job for you as the expensive ones!

What is a Virus?

A Virus is a program that propagates itself by infecting other programs on your computer. Viruses can do serious damage, such as erasing your files or your whole disk, or they may just do annoying things like pop up a window that says "Ha ha you are infected!" Viruses usually spread to a new computer with human assistance, such as if you trade files with a friend and give them an infected file (such as by an e-mail attachment).

What is a Trojan?

This is a general term, referring to programs that appear desirable, but actually contain something harmful. The harmful contents could appear to be something innocent. For example, you may download what looks like a free game, but when you run it, it enables access to your PC that could allow a malicious person to remotely control an element of your PC through the internet.

What is a firewall?

Firewalls are network (and internet) barriers designed to keep out those who would control your PC (generally through the internet) for malicious purposes.

Please see our hourly charges and bear in mind that you may get better value in removing Viruses by booking our PC Health Check which allows us enough time to resolve all but the more complicated Virus problems.