Computer upgrades


Upgrades enable you to do new things with your computer and improve its performance. The shelf life of your computer can be extended this way, saving you money. We frequently come across people who believe they need a new PC. We show them how their existing computer can meet their needs with a few simple upgrades.

Know what you need?

If you know what you need then we'll be happy to supply and fit or just fit your new component. See our fixed price menu for details. If your desired upgrade is not listed please ask us and we may be able to quote you a fixed price for what you need.

In any event we do suggest that for reasons of compatibility as well as the fact that we may be able to supply your component more cost effectively that you check with us before you buy your new component.

Not sure what you need?

If you are not sure what you need then please contact us for advice. If you’d like us to visit and view your PC with a view to advising you on upgrades we will happily do so for our minimum fee charge.