Computer set-up service

Setting up a new PC can be a time consuming and challenging business. We understand that getting all those leads and connections in the right place can be quiet a headache. Ensuring the correct configuration of your software can be complex and getting it right can save you plenty of time and trouble at a later date.

You can select from the following set-up options.

• Set-up PC  -- £36
• File transfer  -- £36
• Set-up internet and e-mail  -- £36 *
• Set-up Printer and two other devices -- £36
• Basic virus and spyware protection  -- No charge **
• Advanced virus and spyware protection  -- £36 **

* Requires existing Internet service.

** Does not include the cost of any programmes we may install. We are usually able to recommend free Virus and Spyware protection programmes for the home user.

We can also offer the following at our standard hourly rates:

Advice on selection and ordering of your new internet service.
Advice on back-up routines.
Advice on best software choices.
Advice on best working practices.
Advice on computer PC "housekeeping."