Your new computer.

We'll be happy to advise you on the best computer for your needs. Don’t buy a PC without asking us!

We can quote you real world examples of customers who have called us in after making their purchase only to find that:

1. We could have supplied it for less.
2. They have bought something which is wrong or inadequate for their needs.
3. They have bought something which is "over the top" for their needs.
4. They need to upgrade or add to their new PC and we find that it does not have the facility to do so.
5. We have been able to extend the life of their PC (supplied by us some time before) because we supplied the right specification to start with.

"Off the shelf" Models.
Sometimes we advise that an "off the shelf" model is best. In this case we will give you a price and you can shop around yourself but most customers find that we can buy for less than they can. If we select an "off the shelf" model for you, we will have a mind to its quality and potential for upgrade in the future.

Custom Build Service
If we believe we can build the right specification PC for you at a competitive price then we will agree the details and a price with you. A custom built PC is guaranteed to suit your needs and includes a full two year warranty from us meaning that if you have any hardware problems we turn up on your doorstep and fix them. A reasonable usage policy does of course apply.
We are not VAT registered, so you will not pay VAT (We pay VAT on the components we buy). Contact us for a quote. We can also provide the latest thin screens with 3 years manufacturers on site warranty and will wall mount appropriate models for you at our standard rates.

How we work:
We will visit you at home in Luton and specify the right machine for you for our standard minimum fee of £30. We will then get back to you with a firm price and installation date.

Should you choose us to build your new computer we will deduct the initial £30 consultation fee from your bill.

Once your new PC is selected you can choose from a range of options in our computer set-up service.